The Broadside is looking for a new home

This isn’t an easy to thing to say, after nearly four years of running the Medway Broadside, but I’ve finally hit the point where I can’t do it any more. A combination of circumstances at work and at home mean that I haven’t been able to dedicate the kind of time necessary to keep the Broadside up to date or relevant. I’d like to think the Broadside has always maintained a good standard of writing, and of engagement with the issues affecting Medway, and unless it’s possible to keep up that standard my feeling is that it would be better for the site to burn out at this stage than fade away in a cloud of 404 errors.

With that in mind, what I’m looking for is an individual or group who can take on the Broadside: its website, contacts and social media accounts, and take the publication forward. There would be work and commitment involved, but the new owner (s) would be taking on a community publication with an established reputation, a decent following and the potential to capitalise on the upsurge in citizen journalism and digital publishing. If you’re interested in taking on the Broadside, please contact me via, or via Facebook if we’re in touch already.

Andrew Day


The Medway Broadside




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