A new Editor, a new era

Followers of the Medway Broadside may have read, recently, about the decision of our founding Editor, Andrew Day, to step down from the role.  Andrew has played an absolutely crucial part in launching the Broadside and establishing it in the consciousness of a significant local audience.  All of us wish him the very best in his new projects, and he departs with our thanks for his sterling work here.  Of course, we hope he will continue to play some part in the Broadside’s future, even if only from the sidelines.

Meanwhile, the editorial baton has been passed on.  The new occupant of the august position as Broadside Editor (or holder of the poisoned chalice, perhaps), is Philip Kane.  Philip is a well-known writer with an international reputation, and has plenty of editorial experience spread over the past thirty years, so we are confident that he can lead the Medway Broadside safely into its new era.

As ever, we’ll be looking to publish material that is fresh, newsworthy and often challenging.  The Medway Broadside is dependent on building a community of contributors and readers.  We hope you’ll want to join that community.


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