Medway Open Studios launched

The launch evening for Medway Open Studios started this unique arts festival with a pop and rustle, aka wine and nibbles!   The launch took place at Chatham Intra (Unravel and Unwind), one of the many venues taking part in Medway Open Studios from 12th to 20th July.

Sam Froudist

Photo: Nikki Price Photography

The launch event brought a plethora of creative people together in one room.  Among them were Ben Cameron, whose quirky drawings will tempt you to visit him above the butchers in Rochester, first time Medway Open Studios artist Sharon Cooper, printer extraordinaire Heather Haythornthwaite, Like A Magpie upcycler Laura Murphy, and yours truly, to name a few.

Photo: Nikki Price Photography

Photo: Nikki Price Photography

Medway Open Studios Arts Festival (MOSAF) is open for anyone to visit participants’  open studios, galleries, front rooms, cellars, or sheds.  Enabling the artists of Medway to share their art with you.  There are various locations and opening times throughout the festival and further details can be found on the MOSAF website

The launch was such a fantastic event that the Cabaret Club’s Sam Froudist even popped in whilst back from Australia.  Look forward to seeing you all there.

Words and pictures: Nikki Price (Nikki Price Photography)



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